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Smartphone Docks That Work With Cases and Extended Batteries!!!


Tired of Cell Phone Docks That Won't Fit With a Case and/or Extended Batteries?

Our Docks Work With or Without Cases and also work with Extended Batteries!

The Docks are made entirely out of aluminum and are all hand made for specific models that are listed for sale

Items in stock are available for immediate shipment

These are solely my invention no others have Docks that work like mine.

Look at the bottom of the product pages for other video's for the specific installation of that product.

<<<<< Click a product to the left for other information

Video below shows that these can be upgraded at a later time to fit other phones with additional accesories


Samsung Galaxy S3 Desk Top and Car Docks with Docking Modes and Fit anywhere from a non-cased phone up to and including Otterbox Defender and also Extended Batteries 


Check out the Video Below of my "Swivel Style" Samsung S3 Car Dock

More Video's of making and materials used below:

Check out the actual product pages for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Car or Desk Docks Full Installation and a Good Look at the Docks in Use, Click a Catagory to the left for these video's and details


Making of Desk Dock

Making of Car Dock